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Cathy Speaks Lewis, Licensed Massage Therapist, Trauma Touch Therapist

What Is Trauma Touch Therapy

So what is Trauma Touch, it can be hard to explain but here is how I explain the work -- Trauma Touch is an innate, simple, organic therapy that allows clients to fully experience sensation, and the accompanying emotions, while being completely present. Although the therapy is simple and innate, it is something that has been lost to many people due to the traumas we endure. When a trauma is endured the mind and body may fragment in order to protect the individual from feeling the full impact of the trauma. This is by design a safety mechanism however it can become the default rather than happening only when needed. Having clients practice sensing into their bodies while remaining present gives them access to bringing the mind and body back together, to fully feeling and sensing. This in turn has clients take ownership of their bodies and minds, and give access to a richer human experience.

First we must establish boundaries and a sense of relationship between client and therapist, and a sense of safety in the work. Next we begin to explore sensation using tools such as breath, movement, touch, or creativity -- while keeping the client present, in the here and now. Through practice the client becomes more comfortable being in their bodies, truly listening to their bodies. Although this sounds incredibly simple, it is not. It is a leap of faith that the pain experienced before will not happen again, that inevitably they will survive allowing themselves to feel/sense. Once this begins to happen then we can explore areas of the body that need attention and see what they need. We can also then rely on the body as a deep source of wisdom and a connection to know what “feels” right for our lives. Clients begin to inquire on their own, where is that in the body, where do I feel that? Often insights about why or how these struggles have impacted us also show up. This can help us with having a voice to communicate those feelings and sensations and what we need and want from others.

Trauma Touch Therapy is a truly organic and authentic modality. There is no ABC or 123 to this work. There are things we must do such as establishing boundaries and safety, and maintaining presence, but beyond those things we are listening to the body. We are watching for the clues it gives us to where it wants to go. We are seeing what tools fit for each individual session.



Below are links to a few articles about Trauma Touch Therapy. These articles are written for bodyworkers rather than for clients but they can help explain the work and can help clients understand my role as the therapist.

There is also one quick news video about Trauma Touch.


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