BodySpeaks Wellness LLC

Cathy Speaks Lewis, Licensed Massage Therapist, Trauma Touch Therapist


Your body is tired

Your body is in pain

Your body is dealing with trauma

Your body is trying to speak to you

I can help you listen



When your body is tired, we can use Swedish massage to relax and rejuvenate you. We can use lymphatic massage to help move stagnant areas and edema. Or reflexology works the body through the feet and hands.


When your body is in pain, Deep tissue or Myofascial work can release tight muscles and fascia. Or you might like a hot stone massage to help you really let go. Cranial Sacral Therapy can calm and realign the system and address restrictions in the body at an even deeper level.


When you deal with trauma, Trauma Touch TherapyTM helps us work with it in a safe and comfortable way. You have the ability to really listen to your body, I can help you get there.


If you are living with cancer or a chronic health condition, no matter your journey, I'm here for you as well. You can even add aromatherapy or Bach Flower EssencesTM to your massage. We will use these techniques alone and in combination to personalize your session every time.


Your body is talking . . . listen